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Warm welcomes and smiling faces

It was a bold step to move from a very small rural area in southern NSW to the big smoke of a city. When I was looking for accommodation in Melbourne my parents were concerned for my safety and also how I would manage domestic chores and study.

When arriving at Madre Nazarena Student's House (MNSH) I was greeted with many warm welcomes and smiling faces. My parents knew straight away I would be very happy here and felt at ease knowing that I was in a friendly, safe and comfortable place. This building architecturally is amazing; it is not only modern and stylish, but spacious too.

People are curious when I say I live at a hostel with several religious Sisters and thirty other girls. The Sisters are a family for each of us. Young girls can initially find it hard to live without their mothers, however at MNSH we have strong and compelling women as role models who I believe jointly share their wisdom to assist with any individual situation required.

Initially, I felt very strange walking around the streets of Melbourne. There were people of all nationalities speaking words that I could not possibly understand. In this hostel I have had the opportunity to embrace culture. We sample each other's exotic food, exchange recipes, share stories and cultural understanding. I now have many friends from all over the world and know for sure that if I will be overseas I will have friends to visit.

I would highly recommend that you visit and see what a relaxed, caring environment in a tranquil setting within busy Melbourne has to offer at Madre Nazarena Student's House.


About MNSH

Based in Richmond, Victoria, Australia, Madre Nazarena Student's House provides accommodation for female tertiary students from overseas, interstate, and country Victoria.