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Note: All fees are in Australian dollars

Room fees

We have the following types of single rooms and their fees are as follows:

  • 23 Standard rooms ($1051 per calendar month)
  • 4 Medium rooms ($1082 per calendar month)
  • 2 Large rooms ($1102 per calendar month)

Additional house fees

Charges apply for use of certain facilities such as car parking bay and laundry coin-operated machines.

Holding fee

$100 fee is payable when you submit your application (refundable on your first rental payment).

This fee affirms your intention to book accommodation at Madre Nazarena Student's House and for the processing of your application.

  • Local students: Use electronic banking or make a cheque payable to Madre Nazarena Student's House
  • Overseas students: Transfer your fee via electronic banking

Please contact us for our account information.

About MNSH

Based in Richmond, Victoria, Australia, Madre Nazarena Student's House provides accommodation for female tertiary students from overseas, interstate, and country Victoria.


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